The hotel provides diversified dining services, including authentic Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisines, Cantonese cuisines, omni cuisine, exquisite snack bar, capable of satisfying different guests' taste buds. There are also various types of private booths, large-scale grand banquet halls, giving you a selection of comfortable and suitable venues for either feasts or gatherings, to organize your important banquets, and treat your valued guests.

Reflections of Jiangnan

Reflections of Jiangnan offers authentic Shanghainese cuisine and a wide variety of salty/sweet delights. Each course is unique in its own right and the special tastes will leave you savoring for more.


Meets located on the 3rd floor uses local seasonal ingredients to reinterpret genuine food feast, re-demonstrating the touching sentiments of interactions between people through sincere service.

Hai Hua

The renovation of the brand new Hai Hua has a marine theme where one may look far into the Central Mountain Range, and also admire the sceneries of the Greater Taichung at close distance. Cantonese snacks and diversified Chinese cuisines are further provided for various types of banquets, accomplishing a comfortable dining environment away from the hubbubs that satisfies both the guests and the hosts.

H Bar

H Bar, a comfortable place, for relaxation and business. It offers drinks with light snacks.