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Taipei Breakers picks up Second Place in JSSL 7’s Tournament

tp.‘Taipei Breakers’為首支出戰新加坡之台灣青少女足球隊,勇奪第二名佳績

HPHT Sponsor Young Girl Football Team picks up Second Place in JSSL 7’s Tournament


Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei (HPHT) sponsor the young girl football team called the ‘Taipei Breakers’. In April, they travel to Singapore for JSSL 7’s junior football tournament and pick up second place. JSSL 7’s tournament is held in April every year since 2013. The games are all 7 vs. 7 and have 350 teams from 15 nations in total. ‘Taipei Breakers’ is the first girl team to travel to Singapore from Taiwan ever. There were 9 girls in the squad and they were in the ‘Under 12’ category. The girl team were put together 3 months before the tournament and professionally trained three times a week by Master Football Academy (MFA).


Established in 2014, MFA has existed in Taiwan for 14 years. As a foreign company, MFA’s coaches bring International qualifications with life-long enthusiasm and experiences in football. Their mission is to build a positive youth sports culture and develop confident and creative young players in Taiwan. In the future, MFA and HPHT will promote football culture in young generation together to encourage more and more talented players to join this popular sport.