Hearty international Asian and Western buffet fare available for breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner. Let Mirage take you to the world-wide food journey.
04-24631616 EXT. 2201, 2202

The Mirage offers up delicious buffet cuisines from many countries, fresh ingredients and on-site cuisine service, aromatic beverages and desserts for your selection. The cozy, spacious and bright dining space, as well as the friendly and sweet services accompany you on a journey of savoring gourmet food.

Opening hours & Price AdjustmentsOnline Reservation

Breakfast buffet (06:15AM~10:00AM)

  • Adult:TWD.480+10%
  • Child:TWD.320+10%
  • Kid:TWD.200+10%

Friday Lunch Buffet (11:30AM~14:00PM)

  • Adult:TWD.760+10%
  • Child:TWD.460+10%
  • Kid:TWD.260+10%

Friday Dinner Buffet ( 18:00PM~21:00PM)

  • Adult:TWD.820+10%
  • Child:TWD.520+10%
  • Kid:TWD.320+10%

Friday – Sunday Tea-time buffet (14:30PM~17:00PM)

  • Adult:TWD.580+10%
  • Child:TWD.380+10%
  • Kid:TWD.240+10%

Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Lunch & Dinner Buffet ( 18:00PM~21:00PM)

  • Adult:TWD.890+10%
  • Child:TWD.590+10%
  • Kid:TWD.350+10%

Definition of Children and Kids:

  •  Definition of Children: a child whose height is between 115-150 cm or age is between 7 ( 7 included) to 12 ( 12 included) years old enjoy the children’s special discount(I.D. is required for confirmation). if no I.D. or other proof od document available, children will need to be measured at the scent to determine his/ her qualification.
  •  Definition of Kids: a kid whose height is between 90-114 cm or age is between 4 ( 4 included) -6 (6 included) years (I.D. is required for confirmation). if no I.D. or other proof of document is available, kids will need to be measured at the scene to determine his / her qualification.
  • In case of national holidays, consecutive holidays, special holidays or when the hotel is holding big events such as food festival, price adjustments will be announced separately.
Roasted Chuck Eye Steak