Howard Beach Resort Green Bay is in the central North Coast, close to famous attraction such as Yeliu Geo-park, Jinbaoli Old Street, Shitoushan Park, and Juming Museum. No matter you drive or take bus, it is easy to reach those scenic area.
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Jinbaoli Old Street

Jinbaoli Street, Jinshan District, New Taipei City
Jinbaoli, the name of a street in central Jinshan, is a transliteration from the language of the Ketagalan tribe. In the old days the street was an impoetant business hub for farm and fishery products; today, it is the only Cing Dynasty street left on the North Coast.

Shitoushan Park

Huanggang Road, Jinshan District, New Taipei City
The Shitoushan Lucky Trail was made New Taipei City's first smoke-free hiking trail by the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration in 2011.Shortly after entering the park, visitors are greeted by cute baby Maitreya Buddha statues, the fragrance of driftwood chips, and healthful phytoncides. Visitors will also enjoy magnificent ocean views from here.

Dharma Drum Mountain

No.555, Dharma Durm Road, Jinshan District, New Tapei City
Dharma Drum Mountain is one of the largest Buddhist Temple im Taiwan. 'The Dharma is so good, yet so few people know about it and so many people mis-understand it', said the Master Sheng Yen. It was based on this simple belief that Venerable Master Sheng Yen founded Dharma Drum Mountain.

Juming Museum

No.2, Xishihu, Jinshan District, New Taipei City
The Juming Museum is actually an expansive outdoor exhibition space where visitors can see the sculptors of the famous artist up close.

Teresa Teng Memorial Park

No.18, Xishihu, Jinshan District, New Taipei City
The Teresa Teng Memorial Park, Taiwan's most popular singer of her time is located on Jinbaoshan. With a marble tombstone surrounded by flower beds and stone sculptures, its most unique feature is a gigantic piano keyboard, set in the ground that emits enchanting music when stepped upon.

Guihou Fishing Village

Yuao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
A small fishing village with lots of seafood restaurant. Very November, lots of people come because it famous crab called Wanli Crab, it is very tasty and must try.

Yeliu Ocean World

No.167-3, Gangdong Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
Yeliu Ocean World is commercial establishment with a marine animal performance theater, sealife display gallery, marine ecology classroom, and marine organism specimen area. The performances by dolphins and sea lions are most popular with visitors.

Yannick Dessert Shop

No.127-5, Masu Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
A very famous dessert shop in Wanli, they have lots of cakes, pies, tarts, especially the milk roll and sweet potato puff are the most popular.

The Guihou Coast

Yuao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
This 3km coastline between Yeliu Geopark and Green Bay is filled with strange rocks carved over years of wave-cutting and weathering. It was voted the most beautiful coast in a contest held by the Ministry of the Interior in 2010.

Yeliu Geo-park

No.167-1, Gangdong Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
On Yeliu Cape, which projects 1700 meters into the East Sea, you can see all kinds of fantastic rocks sculpted by wind and wave: sea-eroded trughs, candlestick rocks, mushroom rocks, bean curd rocks, Elephant's Trunk, Fairy Slipper, and Queen's Head, among others. These formations have made Yeliu famous far and wide.